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A huge amount of ammunition can get to Ukraine from Bulgaria

Mar 28, 2023

Bulgaria is likely to sell a large amount of ammunition to Ukraine through intermediaries, which could significantly affect the course of the war.

This is stated in the publication Euractiv.

The Bulgarian Ministry of Defense said that it would transfer old ammunition worth almost 175 million euros to the state-owned VMZ military plant and receive new ammunition in return.

Former Defense Minister Boyko Noev explained in an interview with bTV that the purpose of this decision is to get a huge amount of old ammunition from the Bulgarian army's warehouses to Ukraine.


"This is the largest rearmament of the Bulgarian ground forces in recent history. This is a huge amount of ammunition - hundreds of thousands. There is a huge increase in the price of ammunition, and VMZ will sell this ammunition through intermediaries to Ukraine," the former minister said.

"This is a quantity of ammunition that can turn the tide of the war in some areas on the Ukrainian front," he added.

The Bulgarian army has stockpiles of Soviet-era ammunition that the Ukrainian army needs to replenish its weapons stockpile.

Author - Olena Madiak, 28/03/2023

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