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Admiral Makarov frigate could be damaged in Crimea

Oct 30, 2022

On Saturday, October 29, powerful explosions occurred in occupied Sevastopol. According to preliminary information, the Russian flagship "Admiral Makarov" could have been seriously damaged.


RBC-Ukraine collected all the information concerning the Russian ship "Admiral Makarov".

"Admiral Makarov"

A warship of the Russian Navy, the third frigate of the 11356R Burevestnik project, Admiral Grigorovich class. The flagship is one of the newest ships of the Russian Navy. It is deployed in the temporarily occupied by Russians Sevastopol.

The ship is commanded by a former Ukrainian serviceman, a native of Vinnytsia region, captain of the 1st rank, who in 2014 betrayed the Ukrainian military oath and took the oath of allegiance to the Russian Armed Forces.

Since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Russian army has been striking Ukrainian cities and infrastructure with Kalibr missiles from the Admiral Makarov frigate. The Russian ship "Admiral Makarov" under the command of the traitor launched cruise missiles at Mykolaiv and Odesa.

In May, there was information that the Ukrainian Armed Forces shot down the Russian frigate Admiral Makarov, but the US Department of Defense could not confirm this.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 30/10/2022

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