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AFU in the Zaporizhzhia region struck at the occupiers

May 19, 2023

On May 16, scouts of the "Mad Panda" and "Phobos" groups of the "Bandera Logistics" unit of the Armed Forces of Ukraine sent a warm greeting to the occupiers, who were stationed near the village of Polohy in the same district on the Zaporizhzhia front. After the hit, a strong detonation and fire started. Black smoke and the stench of corpses lasted for about 3 hours, the Ria-Melitopol Telegram channel writes.


The missiles hit the location where, according to the scouts, the Katsaps had gathered about 30 pieces of equipment, including tanks, self-propelled artillery systems, and armored personnel carriers. After the hit, ambulances, hearse carriers and commanders in jeeps began to arrive at the site. It was they who gave the order to search the village.

So for the second day, the Russians have been threatening to shoot the locals if they surrender their military positions to the Russians. The unwashed do not understand why they are not welcome on Ukrainian soil.

According to preliminary data, 7 units of enemy equipment are beyond repair, while the rest are out of commission. More than 30 racists are wounded and it is a big question whether they will survive. The same number are already feeding the worms.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 19/05/2023

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