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Austin announced a new coalition in support of Ukraine

Sep 19, 2023

Ukraine's allies have formed a new coalition to support the country. The purpose of the association is to provide Ukrainian troops with Leopard tanks and to train pilots on F-16 fighters.

This was reported by RBC-Ukraine, citing a statement by Pentagon Chief Lloyd Austin during today’s Ramstein meeting.

"Estonia, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, and Poland will lead our coalition today. This coalition aims to provide Leopard tanks, pilot training for F-16s, and information technology," he said.

The coalition will also deal with long-term assistance to Ukraine.

In addition, Austin announced that the United States supports the training of Ukrainian pilots.

"All of these will be key items on our agenda today. We will look at how we can strengthen the work of this coalition in the future," he added.

As a reminder, Ukraine will receive modern fighter jets, including F-16s. It is known that the state will receive at least 61 aircraft from Denmark and the Netherlands.

It is worth noting that Denmark has already started training eight Ukrainian pilots on F-16s.

Author – Anastasiya Glotova, 19/09/2023

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