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Biden administration developing plan for post-war Gaza Governance

Dec 5, 2023

For several weeks in a row, representatives of the administration of US President Joe Biden have been developing a multi-stage plan for a post-war settlement in the Middle East, which provides that the renewed Palestinian National Authority will take control of the Gaza Strip in the future.

This became known to Politico.

The broad vision of the plan is a multi-stage reconstruction of the Gaza Strip after the end of fierce fighting between Israeli troops and Hamas militants.

International forces are to be used to stabilize the region immediately after the end of the fighting, and then the renewed Palestinian National Authority is to take long-term responsibility for the Strip. The Biden administration has ruled out the possibility of sending American troops to the Strip.

Key parts of the plan include increasing security assistance to the Palestinian National Authority, as well as strengthening the role of a U.S. security coordinator with experience advising Palestinian security forces, officials said.


"Ultimately, we want to have a Palestinian security structure in post-conflict Gaza," said the official, who holds a senior position in the Biden administration.

All of the sources emphasized that the ideas under discussion are "in their infancy" and depend on many unpredictable variables. U.S. officials expect heavy fighting to continue in the Gaza Strip for at least several more weeks.

Any strategy proposed by the United States will face numerous obstacles, including Israeli skepticism and Arab frustration.

At the same time, regional players and analysts generally agree that Washington will have to play a decisive role in the post-war phase.

Author - Olena Madiak, 05/12/2023

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