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British Prime Minister proposed a plan for Russia’s economic isolation

Nov 14, 2022

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak called Russia a “rogue country” and proposed a plan to reduce its influence on the global economy.

This was reported by RBC-Ukraine with reference to The Telegraph.

According to him, the countries need to continue reducing dependence on Russian energy and produce more food.


Sunak's plan consists of five points:

  • Continuing support to those who need it most in the coming winter." The prime minister noted that Britain continues to help Ukraine, its citizens in terms of energy bills, and is also taking steps to prevent world hunger.
  • Countries that have the ability to do so should produce more food and release reserves. Rishi Sunak accused Russia of using food as a weapon and supported UN efforts to extend the grain deal.
  • Secure supply chains and move quickly away from energy dependence on countries like Russia.
  • Remain committed to promoting free markets and an open global economy.
  • Identify those who use their power to create credit traps for developing countries (a policy in which a creditor country increases its influence by increasing its debt to the borrower country), and address the causes of rising inflation.

Earlier, Sunak reiterated London's continued support for Ukraine and agreed on the need to keep pressure on Putin's barbaric regime by extending economic sanctions.

He also noted that Russia's war against Ukraine has destabilized energy markets and supply chains around the world.

Author – Anastasiya Glotova,14/11/2022

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