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Can the Ukrainian analogs of the Shahed drones strike at Russia

Nov 21, 2023

Ukraine has the right to strike at the territory of Russia with analogs of the Shahed kamikaze drones of its own production. However, it is not yet known whether our Air Force is already using these drones against the aggressor country.


This was reported by RBC-Ukraine with reference to the spokesman for the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Yuriy Ihnat during a telethon.

"I would say, why do you think this is not already happening?" Ihnat hinted, answering the question of whether Ukraine could soon launch strikes on Russian territory with analogs of the Shaheds.

However, the spokesman did not answer whether this is actually happening. According to him, the Air Force does not announce such things.

"Drones are being used by virtually everyone. We, in the Air Force, have the means given to us by our partners, which we will use in the occupied territories. Crimea, the occupied territories of Donetsk and Luhansk regions," Ihnat said.

As for the drones, the spokesman explained, they are in service with attack UAVs of other defense forces.

"Actually, there is no question that Ukraine can strike at that territory with its own weapons, its own weapons. And if our manufacturers have actually managed to create drones that can fly far and fly accurately, then this is a very serious step forward," Ihnat added.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 21/11/2023

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