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China builds gas pipeline from Turkmenistan instead of Russia

May 26, 2023

According to Reuters, China prefers the construction of a pipeline to receive gas from Turkmenistan, despite Russia's proposal for a second gas pipeline, Power of Siberia 2.


This was reported by Censor.NET concerning RBC-Ukraine.

To increase natural gas sales to China to compensate for the loss of the European market, Russia is negotiating with Beijing to build a second Power of Siberia-2 gas pipeline with an annual capacity of 50 billion cubic meters.

In return, the newspaper notes, China is seeking to strengthen ties with Central Asia. Although Turkmen gas costs Beijing 30% more than Russian gas, and negotiations on a discount have failed, Chinese officials have given the green light to the Line D project, which will import 30 billion cubic meters of fuel from Turkmenistan annually.

"Central Asian pipelines are considered a cornerstone investment in China's energy and geopolitical space. It is a supply channel with a strategic value that supersedes commercial concerns," said a representative of China National Petroleum.

It is noted that China may eventually conclude both deals to meet its huge long-term gas needs, but favors Turkmenistan, as it has long viewed Central Asia as a frontier for expanding trade, energy security, and maintaining stability in the region.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 26/05/2023

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