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China declares “mistakes” of U.S. but wants to stabilize relations

May 8, 2023

China claims a "series of wrong words and actions" by the U.S. that have led to the deterioration of relations between the countries. Now Beijing stresses the importance of stabilizing relations.

This is reported by Reuters.


Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang said during a meeting in Beijing with U.S. Ambassador Nicholas Burns that it is imperative to stabilize China-U.S. relations.

In particular, Qin said, the United States should correct its attitude toward the Taiwan issue and stop etching out the principle of "one China."

"A series of erroneous words and deeds by the United States since then have undermined the hard-won positive momentum of Sino-U.S. relations," Qin said.

He said that the agenda of "dialogue and cooperation" has been undermined and China-U.S. relations have again "encountered cold ice."

Author – Anastasiya Glotova, 08/05/2023

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