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China's actions undermine its neutrality in the war in Ukraine

Mar 28, 2023

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak believes that China's recent actions in connection with Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine have undermined its status as a neutral party, and London calls on Beijing to take constructive steps in this direction.

According to a Yevropeiska Pravda correspondent, Sunak said this on Tuesday at a hearing in the procedural committee of the British House of Commons.

The British prime minister reminded that London and other Western capitals welcome China's support for Ukraine's territorial integrity through various statements and formats, but do not believe that Beijing's actions add to its credibility as a neutral party.

"We urge Xi Jinping to talk directly to President Zelenskyy about any specific peace proposal that China is interested in offering... It would be right for China to engage directly with Ukraine on this issue," Sunak said.

Commenting on the Chinese leader's recent visit to Moscow, the British Prime Minister stated that Russia depends on China, so he urges Xi Jinping to use his influence on Vladimir Putin to convince him to end this war and withdraw his troops from Ukraine as a precondition for any negotiations.

"There were various points in China's peace proposal, and their support for Ukraine's territorial integrity is true to be commended. But, as I said, their other actions and other statements have undermined their credibility as a neutral party in this issue," he added.

Author - Olena Madiak, 28/03/2023

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