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Compromise with Putin will be a fatal mistake

Apr 24, 2023

Together with its partners, Ukraine must restore its territorial integrity and sovereignty, as this is essential for future peace on the continent and in the world.


This is stated in a guest article by Foreign Minister of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba for the German edition of Welt, Ukrinform reports.

"Ukraine's territorial integrity must be restored, a compromise with Moscow would have fatal consequences for the future of the world order," Kuleba said.

He draws attention to the fact that against the backdrop of Russia's offensive in eastern Ukraine and the expected Ukrainian offensive, voices from around the world are calling for peace talks between Russia and Ukraine, for an immediate ceasefire. These voices ignore the fact that Russia has not demonstrated any real interest in good faith negotiations or a cessation of hostilities, the Minister noted. He is confident that Moscow's words are worthless and it will continue to attack Ukraine to kill more people and seize more territory.

"No country in the world is as eager for peace as Ukraine. But we also know that true peace must be just and lasting. Ukraine's vision of the path to such peace is realistic and concrete," the Foreign Minister emphasized. He recalled the peace formula of President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and called on all nations to support it.

Kyiv is carefully studying all proposals and welcomes any initiatives that respect the territorial integrity of Ukraine, the principles of the UN Charter, and the relevant resolutions of the General Assembly, the diplomat added. But, he noted, any proposals to Ukraine to make territorial concessions will be rejected.

"We never wanted this war and we do not want more than what is ours under international law and the UN Charter. This is a realistic and legitimate demand, in which there is nothing maximalist. We have never attacked anyone or made territorial claims. We just want Russia to return what it stole from us. And I mean not only Ukrainian territory. Russia also stole peace in Europe and stability in the world," the Ukrainian Foreign Minister wrote.

According to Kuleba, a threat to one in Europe is a threat to all. Thus, according to him, Russian missiles fired at Ukraine have threatened Poland, Romania, and Moldova. Trade routes have been disrupted. The Black Sea ecosystem has been damaged.

Kuleba expressed his deep gratitude to all allies and partners, including Germany, for their tireless support since February 2022. This assistance has saved many lives and helped Ukrainians survive, he emphasized.

"The future of Euro-Atlantic security will be decided on the battlefield in Ukraine. If we make a mistake now and decide to reward Putin for his aggression in one form or another, rather than defeat him as a lesson to all other potential aggressors, the future of Ukraine, Europe, and the world will be at risk," Kuleba wrote.

He emphasized that true peace means restoring Ukraine's internationally recognized borders. True peace means a safe homeland for the Crimean Tatar people in Ukrainian Crimea. Real peace means grain, not warships in the Black Sea. Real peace means a world united under the rule of international law.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 24/04/2023

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