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Consequences of the attack on Kyiv: destruction, one person killed

May 30, 2023

On the night of May 30, Ukrainian air defense forces shot down more than 20 Russian drones over Kyiv. In the Holosiivskyi district, debris damaged a high-rise building, killing one person and hospitalizing four others; buildings and cars in different parts of the city were damaged by the falling debris.

This was reported by the Kyiv City Military Administration on Telegram and by Mayor Vitali Klitschko on Telegram.

The KMMA reported that the falling debris caused casualties and damage in different districts of Kyiv:

  • In Holosiivskyi, debris fell on a multi-story residential building, causing a fire on the top two floors. More than 20 residents were evacuated. One person was killed and three people were injured. The ceiling between floors is likely to have been destroyed. Search operations are underway to find people under the possible rubble.
  • In the Pechersk district, debris damaged cars.
  • In the Darnytskyi district, a private house caught fire as a result of falling debris, and parked cars were also damaged.
  • In Dniprovskyi district, burning debris fell on a green area.
  • In the Podilskyi district, debris fell on non-residential buildings.
  • In the Sviatoshynskyi district, debris fell on the territory of an enterprise.

According to Klitschko, in addition to the high-rise building where the fire occurred, one residential building was also damaged in Holosiivskyi district. The mayor noted that rescuers have so far evacuated 20 people from the high-rise.

The mayor also said that a total of 4 victims were hospitalized in the Holosiivskyi district, and three of them were treated on the spot.

The administration emphasized that emergency services are working in all places, and the data on victims and damage is being updated and clarified.

According to preliminary information from KIAA, over 20 enemy drones were destroyed by air defense forces over Kyiv at night.

This extreme aerial attack, the 17th since the beginning of the month, was previously carried out exclusively with Shahed barrage munitions. The attack was massive, from different directions, in several waves. The air raid lasted almost 3 hours.

Author - Olena Madiak, 30/05/2023

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