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Decision on tanks for Ukraine will be priority for new minister

Jan 17, 2023

A decision on tanks for Ukraine will be the first item on the agenda for Boris Pistorius, who, it became known on Tuesday, will be Germany's new defense minister.

This was reported by Reuters.

"When the defense minister is announced, this is the first question that has to be decided specifically," said German Vice Chancellor and Economy Minister Robert Habeck.

Germany is cautious about approving deliveries of tanks to Ukraine, saying it is concerned that such a move could be seen as an escalation. Many members of the alliance say this concern is misplaced since Russia has shown no signs of abandoning its intentions to take over Ukraine.


German-made Leopard tanks, the workhorses of armies across Europe, are widely seen as the only possible option to supply Ukraine with the large-scale tank force it needs.

But they cannot be delivered without the permission of Berlin, which is still hesitant to make a decision.

Author - Olena Madiak, 17/01/2023

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