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Dutch court orders authorities to stop exporting F-35 parts to Israel

Feb 12, 2024

A court in the Netherlands has ordered the authorities to stop supplying spare parts for F-35 fighter jets to Israel, citing a "clear risk" of human rights violations amid the military operation against the Hamas terrorist group in the Gaza Strip.

This was reported by Bloomberg.

The Appeals Tribunal in The Hague overturned the previous December decision and gave the government a seven-day deadline to stop supplying spare parts for aircraft manufactured in the United States.

"Israel's attacks have resulted in a disproportionate number of civilian casualties, including thousands of children," the court said.


According to the court, the Netherlands should ban the export of military goods if there is a clear risk of serious violations of humanitarian law during the war.

This decision is a victory for the human rights organizations Oxfam Novib, Vredesbeweging PAX Nederland, and Rights Forum.

The country's Ministry of Foreign Affairs said it would first study the verdict before making further decisions.

Spare parts for F-35 fighter jets are stored at the Dutch air base in Vensdrecht, from where they are shipped to several European countries and Israel.

Author - Olena Madiak, 12/02/2024

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