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EU introduces sanctions exemption for humanitarian aid

Mar 31, 2023

On Friday, the Council of the European Union agreed on changes to the EU sanctions regime that provides for humanitarian exemptions.

This is stated in the message of the EU Council.

The amendments, adopted based on a UN Security Council resolution, apply to 14 sanctions regimes of the European Union, as well as to the blacklists that complement the relevant UN sanctions.

As a result, certain entities, including UN programs and non-governmental organizations participating in UN humanitarian response plans, may engage in activities with sanctioned persons if the purpose is to provide humanitarian assistance or support other activities aimed at meeting basic human needs.

"This decision sends a strong signal to humanitarian and economic actors that EU sanctions do not impede the provision of humanitarian assistance," the Council of the European Union emphasizes.

They note that the decision demonstrates the EU's unwavering determination to avoid unintended negative consequences of sanctions on humanitarian action, as well as the importance of full compliance with international law in the EU's sanctions policy.

Author - Olena Madiak, 31/03/2023

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