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France ready to accept wounded children from Gaza for treatment

Nov 19, 2023

France is ready to accept wounded and sick children from Gaza for treatment, and will send a helicopter carrier to rescue the wounded and 2 medical units.


This was announced by French President Emmanuel Macron on the social network X, Ukrinform reports.

"As for the wounded or sick children in Gaza who need urgent care, France is mobilizing all the resources at its disposal, including air resources, so that they can be treated in France," the head of state said, adding that French hospitals are preparing to receive up to 50 such patients.

Macron also noted that Paris is sending the helicopter carrier Dixmude to the Middle East to provide hospital support in Gaza. Dixmude is due to arrive in Egypt in the next few days. The vessel is designed for 40 medical beds and will be used to treat people with the most severe injuries.

Earlier this week, France will send an airplane with 10 tons of medical supplies to Gaza. According to Macron, there will be two mobile medical units on board, each capable of treating about 500 seriously injured people.

The French leader also once again called for an immediate "humanitarian truce leading to a ceasefire."

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 20/11/2023

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