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Germany announces new aid packages for Ukraine

Jul 11, 2023

Germany will announce new support packages for Ukraine during the NATO summit in Vilnius. This was announced on July 10 by German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius at a press conference in Berlin, CNN reports.


According to him, the preliminary work is "almost complete."

The Defense Minister expects the NATO summit to be "very united" in light of the current situation.

Pistorius also added that he is following the issue of Sweden's accession to NATO and "how Turkey and Hungary will act."

Earlier, Germany's budget committee approved the purchase of 783.3 million euros worth of ammunition, some of which will be transferred to Ukraine.

Germany has handed over another package of military aid to Ukraine, which for the first time includes eight Bandvagn 206 (BV206) all-terrain vehicles. This was reported on the website of the German government on Wednesday, June 7.

In total, Germany intends to supply Ukraine with 64 Bandvagn 206 tracked all-terrain vehicles (BV206). The aid package also includes 2,000 rounds of ammunition for Gepard self-propelled anti-aircraft guns. In addition, Germany donated 14 VECTOR reconnaissance drones, 16 border guard vehicles, three anti-drone systems, two 8×6 HX81 trucks, two trailers, and 11,000 dry rations to the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

The BV206 all-terrain vehicles were developed by the Swedish company Haegglinds. The Ukrainian Armed Forces are already using this equipment, and partners have transferred it before, although it has not been officially reported, Militarnyi informs.

At the same time, the German company Rheinmetall is preparing a new batch of Marder infantry fighting vehicles for Ukraine. This was reported today by the local media RND. It is about 20 infantry fighting vehicles.

The German authorities are also considering possible supplies of fighter jets to Ukraine and may reconsider their position, which previously made it impossible to provide such military assistance. This was stated by German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius in an interview with DW published on Monday, June 5.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 11/07/2023

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