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Germany to provide Ukraine with 180,000 rounds under Czech initiative

Apr 2, 2024

Germany will provide Ukraine with 180,000 artillery shells as a contribution to the Czech-led ammunition purchase plan for Kyiv worth 576 million euros.

This was reported by El Mundo.


Ukraine's most pressing need two years after Russia's full-scale invasion is artillery ammunition, which is running out as the two sides use heavy weapons to hold fortified positions that are largely immobile along the 1,000-kilometer front line.

Last month, German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius announced a €478 million aid package for Ukraine, not including support for a Czech ammunition initiative.

"The total value of both support measures exceeds one billion euros," said a German Defense Ministry spokesman.

As a reminder, Czech President Petr Pavel said that Prague had discovered about 800,000 artillery shells outside the European Union that could be transferred to Ukraine. But, according to him, this requires funding.

After that, a number of Western countries began to allocate money for the purchase of ammunition, which is one of the main needs of Ukrainian defenders.

Recently, the Czech Foreign Minister said that 1.5 million shells could be transferred to Ukraine as part of the initiative, not 800,000 as previously planned.

Author – Anastasiya Glotova, 02/04/2024

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