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"Go home before it's too late." Pavel leaves message to Russians

May 1, 2023

During his visit to Ukraine, Czech President Petr Pavel left a message on military equipment urging Russians to get out of Ukraine.

He posted a photo with the message on his Twitter account.

According to Pavel's post, it looks like this is a board of Ukrainian equipment that will take part in the upcoming counteroffensive.


"I know this feeling. Your unit is moving to the front line, and you want to go with it, you want to lead and be an example. As a commander, I was always close to my soldiers. Now this is no longer my role. I came here to encourage them.

We are with you. You will avenge the fallen, you will defend freedom. Russia, go home," the Czech president wrote.

General Pavel is known for having served as Chairman of NATO's Military Committee, the second highest position in the Alliance after the Secretary-General. No Czech citizen has ever held such a high position in the Alliance before or since.

Author - Olena Madiak, 01/05/2023

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