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Humeniuk tells whether Russia can launch more Shaheds

May 29, 2023

Russians have recently been attacking with rocket attacks at night. This tactic is aimed at exhausting the civilian population.


The enemies are preparing to attack not only with Shaheds. They are going to attack with all their potential. Natalia Humeniuk, a spokesperson for the "South" military organization, said this during a telethon, Channel 24 reported.

She warned that it is not yet time to relax. There may be a combined attack with the use of sea-based missiles and "Shahed".

Can Russia launch more drones?

During the most massive attack, the Russians launched 59 kamikaze drones. However, Humeniuk noted that one should not think that this is the limit beyond which the occupiers cannot go. The fact is that the Russians have received additional support from Iran, and these batches have already been delivered to enemy launch sites.

It is likely that they will use purely "shahed" attacks and mixed attacks with missiles,

- Humeniuk warned.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 30/05/2023

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