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Hungary refused to train Ukrainian military within the EU mission

Nov 15, 2022

Hungary continues the humiliating and shameful policy of "waving" to Putin. It is even shameful for it. As last century it supported Hitler, now it is actually playing on the side of the fascist regime of Russia.


Currently, Hungary has refused to train the Ukrainian military in the framework of the EU mission. It also will not finance this training mission. This was stated by Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto on the air of one of the local TV channels on Monday, November 14.

"We do not participate in the training of Ukrainian servicemen and do not contribute any financial resources to this mission," - he stressed.

The Hungarian official assures that his country calls on Ukraine and Russia "to resolve the war diplomatically" - through negotiations.

The Hungarian Foreign Minister added that Budapest abstained during the voting on the decision on the training mission for Ukrainian forces.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 15/11/2022

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