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Ihnat told what the F-16 fighters will be tasked with

May 25, 2023

Yuriy Ihnat, a spokesman for the Ukrainian Air Force, explained what the main task of the F-16 fighters will be. According to him, the planes will help Ukraine gain air superiority and cover the territory where ground-based air defense systems cannot reach.

"The fighters will allow us to cover the regions where we have gaps. Ground-based air defense cannot cover the entire territory. Aircraft are also part of air defense. Somewhere, ground-based air defense will cover strategic areas, important facilities, and cities. And then mobile groups and F-16 aircraft can work further," said Ihnat.

He also added that the fighters will not be able to operate against ballistic missiles. According to the spokesman, the aircraft will protect the space from missiles such as X-101, Kalibr, and kamikaze drones.

"It will do this effectively. It will also gain air superiority because today Russian aviation outnumbers us in terms of numbers and technology," said Ihnat.

In addition, he noted that air superiority in the occupied territories is an important issue that will allow for both offensive and defensive actions.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 25/05/2023

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