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Konstantinov was instructed to join occupied Ukrainian territories

Jan 18, 2023

The Speaker of the Russian Parliament of Crimea Vladimir Konstantinov headed the commission on "integration of new territories" (as the temporarily occupied Ukrainian territories are called in Russia - ed.) under the Federal Assembly of Russia. According to Konstantinov, "Crimea interacts with new Russian regions on their integration into the Russian legal space". Krym.Realii decided to find out the opinion of Crimean activists, why the Kremlin instructed Konstantinov to lead this work.


On the air of the Russian TV channel "Millet" Crimean speaker Vladimir Konstantinov said that the commission headed by him will rely on the Crimean experience in its work.

We understand that while there are hostilities, the relevance of this work is not so obvious - Vladimir Konstantinov
"The most important instrument that has been created today is the commission, which I head. At the last meeting in Moscow, it was renamed from the Commission of the Council of Legislators under the Federal Assembly to the Commission on the integration of new territories. We will initiate there those bills that will concern their legislative activity. We have already organized interaction in the framework of direct contacts with them. We understand that while there are hostilities, the relevance of this work is not so obvious... Our experience is unique, and it is not only the adoption of laws, but also the tools to respond to the situation. Few people know what the strength of our team was in 2014, we worked around the clock, but the most important thing is that we had the authority to do it, we did it without coordinating with anyone," said Konstantinov.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 18/01/2023

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