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Latvia to donate medical equipment to Ukraine

Mar 22, 2023

The Latvian government on Tuesday supported the plan of the Ministry of Health to donate medical equipment worth 297,861 euros to Ukraine.

This was reported by the Delfi portal.

According to the draft order prepared by the Ministry of Health, the Ministry received a letter from the Embassy of Ukraine in Latvia with a request to donate medical devices to the Ministry of Health of Ukraine to provide timely medical care to victims of the hostilities waged by Russia in Ukraine.

A working group has been set up at the Ministry of Health to ensure rational control over the use of donations received as part of international assistance in connection with Covid-19, as well as to identify and resolve related problems. After assessing the current situation and taking into account the material reserves created during the Covid-19 pandemic, the group considered the possibility of transferring medical devices to Ukraine that the Latvian state received as donations.


It is planned that the Ministry will donate 278 perfusion syringe pumps, 45 non-invasive ventilators, ten perfusion system stations, four aspiration units, one set of ventilator and breathing tubes, as well as one patient vital signs monitoring station that can be connected to ten vital signs monitors.

The Ministry of Health emphasizes that the transfer of these medical devices will not directly affect the country's material reserves.

The transportation and logistics of the medical equipment will be coordinated by the State Fire and Rescue Service using the support mechanism proposed by the European Commission. Transportation and logistics costs will be covered by the EU Civil Protection Mechanism budget.

Author - Olena Madiak, 22/03/2023

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