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Lithuania assures that Ukrainian grain will not cause problems

Apr 27, 2023

Lithuanian Minister of Agriculture Kęstutis Navickas assures that Ukrainian grain shipped to Lithuania will not distort the market or cause problems due to its low price.

This is reported by the Delfi portal.

According to him, the products are in transit - not to Lithuania, but directly to the port of Klaipeda, and there are agreed mechanisms and safeguards to ensure that the grain reaches the port.

"(Ukrainian grain in Lithuania) will not cause problems for several reasons. One of the main reasons for what we are talking about, and the entire aid package, is that it is not a transit to Lithuania, but a transit through Lithuania to the port of Klaipeda," Navickas said.


"All the mechanisms that the foreign minister proposed at bilateral meetings, he is talking about this - fuses, documents, and how we ensure that the cargo reaches the Klaipeda seaport," he said.

The politician also emphasized that Lithuania has a sad situation with its railroad infrastructure, so the country is unable to transport large volumes of grain.

"What is really sad is our poor railway infrastructure. And with a great desire, today we cannot transport large volumes," the minister said.

Author - Olena Madiak, 27/04/2023

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