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Lithuania called to transfer tanks, aircraft and artillery to Ukraine

Dec 27, 2022

Lithuania and other allied countries should not limit military assistance to Ukraine, which is liberating its lands from the Russian occupiers and needs tanks, planes and long-range artillery.

This was stated by former Lithuanian Foreign Minister Linas Antanas Linkevičius, reports RBC-Ukraine with reference to the words of the politician on the air of FREEDOM TV channel.


He pointed out that in order to end the war, Ukraine must liberate all the territories of its country seized by Russia, and "the way to do this is military aid," as "everything is decided on the battlefield."

"By the way, there are great reserves here, because we are also one of those who constantly say that there is no need to limit ourselves in this assistance," the former Lithuanian foreign minister said.

According to Linkevičius, the nine sanctions packages against Russia show that the potential of the West to put pressure on the aggressor country is not exhausted. The same can be said about armaments, he said.

"All the time there are some restrictions on offensive weapons, on the diameter of long-range artillery. So, there is a lot to talk about. We are among those who say that it is necessary to supply tanks, planes, and long-range artillery to Ukraine, because the whole territory of Ukraine must be liberated," the Lithuanian politician stressed.

Also, Linkevičius noted that Lithuania itself needs to increase the turnover of the military industry and the country plans to strengthen its defense in the context of NATO.

In December the head of the Lithuanian Defence Ministry, Arvydas Anušauskas, said that the country had already provided Ukraine with weapons assistance worth 280 million euros.

We would like to add that Lithuanian Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis recently urged Germany and other allies to supply Ukraine with Leopard or American Abrams tanks.

Author – Anastasiya Glotova, 27/12/2022

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