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Lithuania handed over radar equipment for Ukrainian navy

Sep 27, 2023

Lithuania has donated radar equipment for the needs of the Ukrainian Navy.

This was reported by LRT.


The Lithuanian Ministry of Defense noted that this assistance is intended to ensure maritime surveillance and develop maritime awareness capabilities.

The equipment was sent in accordance with the needs and requests of the Ukrainian Navy.

"This assistance will strengthen Ukraine's maritime surveillance capabilities and contribute to a better understanding of the situation at sea. For Ukraine, which is being destroyed by Russia's war, this radar equipment will be of great importance both for the protection of its territorial waters and for the safety of its citizens," Lithuanian Defense Minister Arvydas Anušauskas said.

The ministry did not specify the cost and quantity of the transferred equipment.

It should be added that Lithuania has formed a new package of military assistance to Ukraine worth €200 million for the period of 2024-2026.

In addition to regular deliveries of military equipment, Lithuania provides training for the Ukrainian military, treatment and rehabilitation of Ukrainians, expert advice, and contributes to international funds to help our country.

Author – Anastasiya Glotova, 27/09/2023

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