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NATO to expand its headquarters by accepting new members

Jun 5, 2023

Due to Finland's accession to the North Atlantic Alliance and in view of further expansion, NATO is discussing the expansion of its headquarters in Brussels and the reorganization of office space.

This became known to Euractiv.

According to four NATO diplomats who spoke to Euractiv on condition of anonymity, the Alliance's building in Brussels, which opened in 2018, is becoming too small to accommodate delegations from future member states.

Finland's move to NATO headquarters will be completed in the coming weeks and months," confirmed one Alliance official, adding that the same will happen to Sweden when it becomes a full member.


But the problem is that none of the new delegations will fit in the current headquarters building.

Currently, the delegations of Finland, Sweden, and other partner countries are housed in the former NATO headquarters, an old Cold War complex across the street on Leopold III Boulevard. It is now used to house delegations from partner countries.

As NATO's expansion has occurred faster than anticipated, the Alliance is now trying to find a solution that would allow Finland and its future 50-person mission to move into the headquarters building.

Author - Olena Madiak, 05/06/2023

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