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NATO urges companies to increase production of weapons

Oct 10, 2022

NATO calls on defense companies to increase production, as some European countries are running out of their own stocks of ammunition and weapons.

This is due to supplies to Ukraine. It was reported by RBC-Ukraine, citing Bloomberg.

“Kyiv’s allies have already sent in billions of dollars in arms, munitions and equipment since Russia invaded in February. That’s putting pressure on ammunition stockpiles, including 155 mm shells for artillery, some of the people said, of which the US has given Ukraine well over a million rounds since the start of the war”, the article says.

Defense companies in Europe and the US are seeing an increase in demand for air defense and anti-tank weapons. In the current environment, NATO representatives have advocated that companies increase production to replenish Ukraine’s stockpiles and fill their own warehouses amid heightened tensions.


European countries should receive maximum modern weapons, but they are also needed to strengthen NATO’s presence on its eastern borders.

Another problem is that it may take several years for companies to implement contracts and ramp up production,” the publication added.

Companies need to improve assembly lines and address the challenges of scaling up production to the necessary scale.

As a reminder, earlier NATO members urged to replenish the ammunition stocks as soon as possible.

Also, Lithuanian Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis said that all the stocks of weapons of partner countries should be opened for Ukraine.

Author – Anastasiya Glotova, 10/10/2022

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