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No massive strikes within a week: what is the reason for the “calm”?

Nov 14, 2022

Russia cannot afford massive strikes on the territory of Ukraine on a permanent basis, because it is already experiencing arms shortages.

This was reported by RBC-Ukraine with reference to a statement by Air Force spokesman Yuriy Ihnat at a briefing.

According to him, the occupiers did not resort to mass shelling of Ukraine last week. They also did not use Iranian Shahed 136 drones and cruise missiles.

"Obviously, the enemy cannot afford massive strikes all the time because it has a certain shortage of weapons. This applies to Iskanders, X555, and X101 missiles, as well as Kalibrs (Killjoys). Especially Kalibrs," Ihnat said.

He noted that Russia used up to 15 Kalibr missiles in October. It is clear that the invaders have a shortage of these missiles. So, they cannot be quickly produced, put into action, and put on carriers.


At the same time, the carriers of the Kalibers have already been withdrawn to the Black Sea, so any provocations with strikes are possible.

"This is a conditional “calm”, the war is still going on. The conditional calm can be connected with the actions in the southern direction. We see what happened: the liberation of the right bank of the Dnipro occurred. It is likely that the enemy has focused all its attention on these activities in order to keep its group of troops in this direction as much as possible and safely relocate it to the Left Bank," the Air Force spokesman added.

Earlier it was reported that the Russian Federation has already used 80% of its modern missiles. Thus, the aggressor has about 120 Iskander missiles left.

In addition, National Security and Defense Council Secretary Oleksiy Danilov said that Russia had a little more than a quarter of the high-precision missiles left in its stockpile, which was in place until February.

Author – Anastasiya Glotova,14/11/2022

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