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Norway imposes new sanctions against Russia

Oct 2, 2023

Norway joined the 11th package of EU sanctions against Russia, which was introduced in June. Thus, the country supported all EU sanctions packages.


This is reported by RBC-Ukraine with reference to the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway.

"Norway, together with Europe, reacts to Russia's attack on Ukraine, which is a violation of international law. As a sign of solidarity with Ukraine, we have supported all EU sanctions packages. The eleventh package of sanctions is aimed at strengthening existing sanctions and combating their circumvention. This is important because it is urgently needed to stop the flow of money that Russia uses to finance its brutal war of aggression," Norwegian Foreign Minister Anniken Hüytfeldt said.

The agency noted that the country supported EU sanctions against the Russian Federation with some national adjustments. In particular, they provide for a ban on the transit through Russia of goods and technologies that "can contribute to increasing the military and technological potential of the Russian Federation."

Also, the ban on the sale of securities was extended to securities in any currency.

Norway has expanded the list of legal entities linked to the Russian military industry subject to the export ban. The new package prohibits the import of Russian oil that enters Germany and Poland through the Druzhba pipeline. The lists of iron and steel products, and the list of luxury goods, the import of which is restricted, have been changed.

However, Oslo stopped short of denying access to ports to vessels involved in the transshipment of oil suspected of violating the ban on Russian oil imports or the price ceiling.

"Norway is still considering how best to implement this ban in legislation, regulatory changes on this matter will be made later," the message said.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 03/10/2023

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