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Occupants are preparing provocations in the Kherson region

Nov 8, 2022

In the coming days, there is a high probability that Russian occupants will shell residential areas of the region in order to blame the Armed Forces of Ukraine. This was reported by the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine. Russians send an SMS to the residents of the temporarily occupied Kherson region, which informs about the alleged intention of the Armed Forces command to carry out massive artillery shelling of civilian infrastructure.


People are called to the so-called "evacuation". Also, locals are warned about the introduction of a curfew during the day.

In the meantime, the Rashists are carrying out their main mission - looting. According to Ukrainian intelligence, the occupants, hiding behind civilians, have been moving their equipment and vehicles with the looted property through Kakhovka hydroelectric power station for three days. In the Beryslav district invaders are robbing private houses, shops and warehouses. In the village of Lyubymivka, the Russian military seized almost all available vehicles: buses, cars, trucks. Local service stations and car parks are completely looted.

Reconnaissance is being conducted along the mouth of the Dnipro river. All documentation has been taken from a number of local councils. The occupants' commandant's offices are arranged on the premises. In the villages of Olhivka and Tokarivka, the occupants blew up the mobile communication towers of Ukrainian operators.

This was reported by the head of the Kherson Regional Military Administration Yaroslav Yanushevych.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 08/11/2022

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