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Occupiers shelled Nikopol region several times during the day

Dec 4, 2022

This was reported by the Gorsovet with reference to the head of the DOR Mykola Lukashuk.


The full-scale military invasion of Russia in Ukraine, 283 days is coming to an end.

The terror of the Nikopol region continues.

During the day, Russian occupation troops shelled the Nikopol district several times, firing more than 30 shells from heavy artillery and MLRS.

During the day and in the evening, they shelled Nikopol itself. In addition, the Pokrovske community was attacked. Preliminary, no one was injured. The consequences of the damage are being clarified.  Despite frequent alarms today, no more enemy attacks were recorded in the region. The situation in the communities is currently under control," the statement reads.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 04/12/2022

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