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Orban's party threatens "nuclear war" in Ukraine

Apr 3, 2023

On Sunday, the leader of the Hungarian ruling Fidesz party faction, Mate Kossuth, repeated Budapest's allegations of an attempt to involve as many Western countries as possible in a full-scale Russian war against Ukraine.

According to Telex, Kossuth said this on Kossuth's radio on Sunday.

"The more countries get involved in the war in Ukraine, the faster we are moving towards a world war. And if there is a world war, it will be a nuclear war," the Hungarian politician said.

The leader of the Fidesz parliamentary faction also condemned the "Hungarian left" who "serve the interests of the United States" and are "in favor of war," and Western countries in general for sending more and more powerful weapons to Ukraine, which is fighting for independence.

"We are one step away from Western European countries or countries to the west of the conflict sending troops to Ukraine, and this is exactly what we think should be avoided," Koshich added.

Author - Olena Madiak, 03/04/2023

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