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Pistorius: We do not refuse to transfer Taurus missiles to Ukraine

Sep 22, 2023

Germany did not refuse to supply Ukraine with long-range Taurus missiles and is still studying the request for these weapons.

This was stated by German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius in an interview with Le Monde, which was published on the website of the Ministry of Defense.

"No, we are not refusing to supply cruise missiles. We are studying the request and its consequences. For example, we need to take into account legal or technical aspects. I realize that this will take time," he said.


Pistorius said he understands that such long-range missiles will give Ukraine an advantage on the battlefield, but "it is our duty to carefully weigh all the issues."

He also recalled the amount of military aid that Germany has already provided to Ukraine.

"We supply many important weapons systems - especially for air defense - as well as a lot of ammunition. All this is saving lives in Ukraine day after day," Pistorius added.

Author - Olena Madiak, 22/09/2023

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