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Poland has no plans to recall the ambassador from Russia

Jul 17, 2023

Poland has no plans to recall its ambassador from Russia after Russia's decision to close the Polish consulate in Smolensk.

This was announced on Monday on the air of RMF FM radio station by the head of the international department of the Polish President's Office, Marcin Przydach.

"At this stage, there are no such plans," he said, speaking about the potential recall of the ambassador from the country.

"We must remember that Russians in Poland have several other institutions in addition to the embassy. They have consulates in several Polish cities. The principle of reciprocity is an absolute golden rule in international relations," Przydach emphasized.


When asked what needs to happen for the Polish ambassador to return to Warsaw from Moscow, Przydacz said that the presence of an ambassador on the ground has its value. He emphasized that Poland has agreed to coordinate such decisions with its European partners.

"The presence on the ground is important for the exchange of information between ambassadors. Western European diplomats, as well as others, meet with each other. They exchange observations and analysis, for example, on the internal situation. I don't think they are focused on maintaining close political relations with Russia, the aggressor," he emphasized.

Author - Olena Madiak, 17/07/2023

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