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Poland to send a new batch of MiG-29 aircraft to Ukraine

Apr 14, 2023

Poland will hand over another batch of MiG-29 fighters to Ukraine.


This was announced by Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, PAP reports.

"We will supply another batch (of combat aircraft - ed.)," Morawiecki said on Thursday, speaking about the MiG-29.

He emphasized that the Polish military aviation, which has 48 F-16 fighters, now enjoys the support of allies, including the United States, which has sent another batch of F-22 fighters on a rotational mission as part of strengthening its eastern flank of the North Atlantic Alliance.

According to Morawiecki, the Polish military no longer needs MiG-29s.

However, the head of the Polish government did not provide any additional information on the number or timing of the transfer of the aircraft.

As a reminder, Poland has already transferred four MiG-29 fighters to Ukraine. According to Andrzej Duda, the delivery of four fighters is in progress, and the country is also ready to send six more aircraft.

In addition, Slovakia handed over the first batch of MiG-29 fighters to Ukraine.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 14/04/2023

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