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Policemens injured as a result of shelling in the Chernihiv region

Apr 30, 2023

In the Chernihiv region, three police officers came under fire from the Russian occupiers on April 28 while they were processing a strike inflicted by the invaders earlier. The National Police of Ukraine reported this on April 29 on Facebook, citing the acting head of the National Police Ivan Vygivsky.

"Yesterday, three policemen - Ihor Rogovyi, Vladyslav Cherepnin, and Taras Kovalkevych - were injured as a result of an enemy air strike on civilian objects in a village in Chernihiv region while documenting a previous shelling. The investigative team arrived to record the consequences of the bombing, at which time the enemy attacked again," the statement said.

According to Vygivskyi, one civilian was also injured.

"Law enforcement officers are hospitalized and undergoing treatment. Fortunately, they were wearing protective gear and their injuries are not life-threatening," the National Police explained.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 30/04/2023

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