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Putin almost came under drone attack at residence near Moscow

Jun 1, 2023

Russian dictator Putin could have been attacked by drones at his Novo-Ogaryovo residence near Moscow on May 30. The Moscow.Times writes about it, citing its sources.


The publication recalled that after the attack on the Kremlin in early May, which the Russian authorities called an "assassination attempt" on Putin, Ukrainian drones almost hit the second residence of the Russian president in Moscow, and at the time when he was in it.

And when the drones raided the capital on Tuesday, May 30, Putin was most likely in Novo-Ogaryovo, which posed a direct threat to his safety, a source close to the Kremlin, who requested anonymity, told the publication. According to the source, Putin was alerted early in the morning by the security service because of the aerial threat.

The drones that attacked the western districts of Moscow region were shot down, in particular, in the villages of Romashkovo and Razdory, State Duma deputy Alexander Khinstein said shortly after the raid. The list he published suggests that air defense systems neutralized the drones when they were about 10 kilometers from Putin's residence. One of the residents of the Rublevka cooperative adjacent to the presidential residence told the newspaper that very loud sounds of explosions woke him up at around 6 am. His press secretary, Dmitry Peskov, also said that Putin was forced to wake up earlier than usual.

"The president's working day started very early," he said at a briefing the day before. According to Peskov, Putin "received live information" from the Defense Ministry, the mayor of Moscow, the governor of the Moscow region, and the Emergency Situations Ministry. Peskov did not specify whether the president spent the night in Novo-Ogaryovo or elsewhere.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 01/06/2023

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