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Radius of action of "dirty bomb" is several kilometers

Oct 29, 2022

"Dirty bomb" has zero military value - it is a weapon of terrorists rather than the military. Russia understands that the issue of nuclear contamination is quite sensitive for Ukrainians who survived the accident at the Chornobyl nuclear power plant, so Russians blackmail the population in this way. This was stated today, October 28, on the air of the TV channel FREEDOM by the professor, nuclear energy expert Ludwig Litvinsky.

"Dirty bombs" are different, there are three categories of such bombs. The first and the most unpleasant consequence is a "dirty nuclear bomb". A nuclear explosion simultaneously activates a substance that is normally not radioactive and turns it into radioactive with all the ensuing consequences. Such a bomb was theoretically proposed in the 1950s. An example is a cobalt bomb when irradiation of ordinary radioactive cobalt does not produce radioactivity, which decays over several decades, the half-life is about 5 years," he said.

According to the expert, such bombs can be activated not only by a nuclear explosion.

"The second option is to use radiochemical enrichment at industrial facilities. Such radiochemical production facilities exist in Russia and some other countries with developed nuclear energy. Ukraine did not have and does not have such industrial radiochemical production, there is nowhere to get it. A nuclear explosion is not needed, a conventional explosive that scatters this radioactivity is enough," he explained.

According to Lytvynsky, the third option involves the use of spent nuclear fuel.

"To do this, it is necessary to have hundreds of kilograms of spent fuel maximum, which is used to charge a conventional explosive device. It can be a rocket, an artillery shell, a special shell that will allow to heat of this radioactive filling to the evaporation temperature, and then it will be a bomb quite dirty and unpleasant. But we are talking about hitting hundreds of meters, maximum of several kilometers. This is a weapon of the last century. Today it is only a tool for terrorism, for psychological pressure on us and our allies," Ludwig Lytvynskyi emphasized.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 29/10/2022

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