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Rams: it's too early to talk about the collapse of the Russian front

Oct 6, 2022

Former NATO General Egon Ramm warns against underestimating the Russian military. In his opinion, it is too early to talk about the "collapse" of the Russian front.

He said this on the air of ZDF.

"I do not see it (collapse of the front. - Ed.) yet. The Russians still have enough strength in Ukraine. In the end, it is a matter of skillful giving of orders and skillful leadership to restore cohesion from the Russian point of view. It's too early to talk about collapse. There are still a lot of combat operations to be done, and it will cost many more lives," Rams said.

"My assessment is that Ukrainian forces are advancing very successfully, that the Russians may not have the prerequisites to continue fighting. It starts with supplying Russian soldiers and continues with appropriate logistics in terms of ammunition, fuel, and the like. When my combat vehicles stop moving, when I can no longer shoot, then I have no choice but to run," the former general also noted.

According to him, Western weapons supplied to Kyiv have enabled effective strikes in the rear of Russian forces.

"We are now at a positive point for Ukraine. Ukraine should be able to continue to use what it has achieved in its offensive operations. To do this it needs the support of the West. I don't want to talk about a tipping point yet, because I don't know what else could force Putin into combat," Ramm said.

Author - Olena Madiak, 06/10/2022

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