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Reserve colonel of the AFU about the events in the Belgorod region

May 25, 2023

Russian volunteers said they were beginning to "liberate" Russia from Putin's regime. They have captured Kozynka, Gora Podol, and Graivoron in the Belgorod region, but the operation is ongoing.


Moreover, this was only the beginning. Roman Svitan, a military expert, pilot-instructor, and colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine told Channel 24.

The task has been fulfilled "perfectly"

According to the plan, the task of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is to stretch the Russian troops for several hundred kilometers. Thus, several tens of thousands of Russian troops are to be redeployed to three regions - Bryansk, Kursk, and Belgorod. This process is inevitable because the Russians will have to close these areas.

As the military expert emphasized, the Russian liberation corps are fulfilling their task, but in the context of our common task.

They have a task to show themselves in terms of information, and to make themselves known in terms of politics. And to perform reconnaissance in combat to make decisions on further actions to liberate Russian territory,

- explained the reserve colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

"The general concept is clear. In the paradigm of our offensive, Russian units are fulfilling the task of liberating Russia.
"The fulfillment of the task is positive. In terms of information, politics, and military, the reconnaissance was a success. It has been performed "perfectly", and it continues. Preparations are underway to expand the geography of this type of action," the military expert stated.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 25/05/2023

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