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Rock legend plans to perform in Kyiv

Apr 4, 2023

The band's frontman said he would never perform in Russia.

"I hope that when the war is over, we will have a peaceful concert on the Maidan in Kyiv. I don't think we will perform in Russia again. Not in the near future. It's sad. But you have to draw your conclusions from reality," he said.


He also recalled that the musicians changed the lyrics of the famous song Winds of Change, replacing the phrase "I follow the Moskva down to Gorky Park" with "Now listen to my heart, it says Ukraine."

"After this unjustified war started, we asked ourselves if we could still play this song. Now it shows our solidarity with Ukraine, not romanticizing Russia as before," added Klaus Meine.

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 04/04/2023

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