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Romania and Poland to ask the EU for help in tracking grain exports

Mar 28, 2023

Romania and Poland will ask the European Commission to develop mechanisms that will help to track grain exports from Ukraine and avoid price dumping to the detriment of local farmers.

This was stated by Romanian Prime Minister Nicolae Ciucă on Tuesday at a joint press conference with Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki in Bucharest, Agerpress reports.

According to the Romanian prime minister, he discussed with his Polish counterpart "aspects" related to how the export of grain and other products from Ukraine has affected Romanian, Polish, and producers in other countries bordering Ukraine.

"And we are working together on approaches to be discussed with the European Commission and what should be the mechanisms to instrumentalize the tracking of exports from Ukraine and, of course, the final destination to avoid these speculations and the fact that dumping prices have affected farmers, agricultural producers in our country," Cucă said.

Morawiecki said they are "fighting together to make sure that this grain leaves our countries, that the European Union effectively helps us to implement trade policies that are in the best strategic interests of Ukraine and Central Europe, as well as the economic interests of Poland and Romania".

Last year, Poland and Romania jointly promoted Ukraine's grain exports. The additional supply of grain on their markets put pressure on farmers, as it affected prices and storage capacity. There were local protests against the governments in both countries.

Author - Olena Madiak, 28/03/2023

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