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Romania witnesses a new Russian drone attack on the border

Sep 26, 2023

Residents of the Romanian city of Isaccea, Tulcea County, have witnessed a new Russian drone attack on the Danube ferry crossing between Ukrainian Orlivka and their city.

This was reported by Radio Liberty.

A video of a drone crash near the Romanian territory in Orlivka was posted online. It was filmed by a witness who was on the Ukrainian coast.


In the footage, which has not been officially confirmed by the Romanian authorities, a man can be heard shouting to his colleagues on a barge to leave the Ukrainian port as soon as possible.

"Run, he's coming here! That's where it fell, right on the customs!" he says, just after the drone crashed near the port of Orlivka.

On Tuesday morning, the Romanian Coast Guard announced that traffic through the Isaccea border crossing was closed due to the shelling of Ukrainian territory.

Author - Olena Madiak, 26/09/2023

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