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Russia confirms strike on Swedish plant in Lutsk: military target

Aug 16, 2023

The Russian Embassy in Sweden in a scathing commentary confirmed the strike on the Swedish company SKF's plant in Lutsk on the night of August 15, saying it was a legitimate military target.

The Russian embassy said in a statement.

Details: Moscow's mission recalled the Russian Defense Ministry's propaganda statement about the destruction of "key military industry enterprises of the Kyiv regime."


The statement reads: "Don't you see the connection? Then let us explain: this plant in Lutsk is part of the Ukrainian military-industrial complex, it produced bearings for Ukroboronprom. The Swedish press, of course, did not mention this fact."

Details: After that, the Russian embassy began to directly threaten that it would "get not only the Swedish equipment supplied to the Banderites but also the military-industrial complex enterprises that work for them."

Author - Olena Madiak, 16/08/2023

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