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Russia has not gained superiority in the war - State Department

Feb 22, 2024

Russia has failed to gain an advantage in the war against Ukraine, but has had some success on the battlefield.

This was stated by US State Department spokesman Matthew Miller during a video briefing.


When asked by a journalist whether Russia has recently gained an advantage in the war, Miller answered in the negative.

"No, we don't think so at all. If you look at the dynamics of the conflict over the course of not two years, but in the recent past, you will find that yes, Russia has had some successes on the battlefield. We saw its successes over the weekend because Ukraine was unable to provide weapons to its troops," the US State Department spokesman said.

According to him, the main reason for the shortage of ammunition in the Ukrainian military is the slowness of the US Congress to allocate a large aid package to Ukraine.

Miller also called on congressmen to vote for the allocation of funds to Ukraine as soon as possible.

As a reminder, on February 17, Ukrainian Armed Forces Commander-in-Chief Oleksandr Syrskyi announced the decision to withdraw Ukrainian troops from Avdiivka, which was under threat of encirclement. The reason for this was the assault by enemy forces in the densely built-up city with active support from the air force.

Author – Anastasiya Glotova, 22/02/2024

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