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Russia has started receiving regular supplies of "Shahed" drones

Mar 27, 2023

In a Sunday review, British intelligence analyzed the situation with Russia's use of Iranian Shahed drones.

This was reported by Yevropeiska Pravda with reference to the British Ministry of Defense.

The ministry noted that since the beginning of March 2023, Russia has probably launched at least 71 Iranian-designed Shahed unmanned aerial vehicles at targets in Ukraine.


These attacks followed a two-week pause in late February 2023. Therefore, British intelligence concludes that Russia has probably started receiving regular supplies of a small number of Shahed UAVs.

The agency recalled that Russia apparently launches Shaheds from two directions: from the Krasnodar Territory in the east and from the Bryansk Region in the northeast.

This allows Russia the flexibility to strike a wide sector of Ukraine and shortens the flight time to targets in northern Ukraine. It could also be a further attempt by Russia to stretch Ukraine's air defense.

Author - Olena Madiak, 27/03/2023

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