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Russia is much more fragile than Russians want to admit

Jul 19, 2023

British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said that the Russian army is split in its hierarchy and suffering terrible losses and that Russia is "more fragile" than it wants to admit.


According to Censor.NET, citing Yevropeiska Pravda, he said this during a speech at the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change conference in London.

According to the British minister, Russia's war against Ukraine "can be won".

"I think Russia is much more fragile than the Russians want to admit... The split in the hierarchy of the Russian army is very real, the level of losses is terrible," Wallace said.

He emphasized that Russian President Vladimir Putin is "very cautious" about the territory of NATO countries.

"They (Russians - Ed.) are very, very careful and try not to provoke. It can be argued that the alliance itself is functioning. The deterrent factor of the fifth article (of the Washington Collective Defense Treaty - Ed.) is working," Wallace said.

He added that Russia's war against Ukraine has led to the "revitalization" of NATO after "stagnation".

Author - Serhii Kolomiets, 19/07/2023

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