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Russia launched 32 missiles at night; half of them were shot down

Feb 16, 2023

Last night, a large-scale air alert was declared throughout Ukraine. During massive missile attacks, the AFU Air Force destroyed 16 of the 32 Russian missiles.

This is reported with reference to the publication of the Air Force of the AFU.


In particular, Russia fired:

  • twelve Kh-101/Kh-555 cruise missiles from two Tu-95ms strategic bombers from the Caspian Sea area,
  • eight Kalibr cruise missiles from a frigate from the Black Sea area,
  • twelve X-22 cruise missiles from six Tu-2 long-range bombers from the Kursk area
  • two X-59 guided air missiles from two Su-35 tactical aircraft from Melitopol.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces destroyed 14 Kh-101/Kh-555, Kalibr cruise missiles and two X-59 guided aviation missiles.

"Unfortunately, some of the Kh-22 cruise missiles reached their targets, hitting critical infrastructure facilities. At the moment, there is no firepower capable of destroying this type of missile," the Air Force noted.

Author – Anastasiya Glotova, 16/02/2022

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